About Us

Crossover Health is next generation health care.

We design and deliver a unique, comprehensive care experience to the employees of companies that understand the financial and cultural return of a healthy, motivated workforce.

Our primary care and integrated health services are provided to employers through a thoughtfully designed patient centered care model that leverages our unique tools, core technology, and our talented health professionals. We work closely with our client partners to optimize the benefit design, customize our health services based on a review of health analytics, and then collaborate on the creation of an inspired patient experience.

Why We’re Unique

Your organization has many options when choosing a worksite clinic approach. However, you have never seen primary care delivered designed the way we have nor delivered the way we do.

We’re not just about the provision of clinical services, although we do this exceptionally well. We want to be the catalysts motivating employees to strive for remarkable health, to instigate social movement for health. We do this by embedding ourselves in the life of your company and the lives of your employees through meaningful relationships, compelling care experiences and motivating health programs. It’s why we have members, not patients, because we want your employees to have a sense of ownership surrounding their journey to better health.

The outcomes for your employees and your company are transformative. That’s why belonging to Crossover Health is about being a force for change.