13 Apr Media Advisory: Announcement of Initial Prize Design for Potential $10 Million Healthcare X PRIZE to Revolutionize U.S. Health System

I am in Washington DC to participate in the 6th Annual World Health Care Congress. It is a power packed meeting with tons of interesting speakers, presentations, announcements from many of the thought leaders throughout the industry. The demographics of this conference are certainly older,...

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06 Apr The Geisinger Experience: Realizing The Health Value Vision

Realization (rē'ə-lĭ-zā'shən) The act of realizing or the condition of being realized. The result of realizing. Today, I am meeting with the X PRIZE Foundation at our 2nd Health Advisor Summit meeting in Washington, DC. We have gathered a small subset of health care thought leaders, innovators, providers,...

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06 Mar Return of Microcapitation: Condition Specific Capitation Payments

Microcapitation (mī‘kro kăp’ĭ-tā‘sh en) n. A health care delivery mechanism wherein a service provider contracts with an administrator to provide health care services on a per capita basis. A financing mechanism wherein a service provider assumes financial risk, is compensated at a fixed per capita...

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