27 Aug Speaking Circuit: Coming to a Conference Near You

Circuit (sûr'kĭt) n. A path or route the complete traversal of which without local change of direction requires returning to the starting point. An association of theaters in which plays, acts, or films move from theater to theater for presentation. A group of nightclubs, show halls,...

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30 Jul The Future of VistA: Community versus Congressionally Mandated Leadership

Future (fyū'chər) n. The indefinite time yet to come Something that will happen in time to come A prospective or expected condition, especially one considered with regard to growth, advancement, or development I appreciate Fred’s comments regarding my recent posting. Fred appropriately challenged me for describing...

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29 Jul Act III: VistA Will Find a Way

VistA (vĭs'tə) n. Abbreviation for "Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture" The integrated electronic health record that powers the largest health delivery organization in the United States (who still achieves the best clinical health outcomes of any care delivery organization in the US). The catalyst that...

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