San Tomas Art

San Francisco’s architecture once blended into the natural hills and flatlands of the city. As time went on, and the advancements and influences of technology grew, so did the buildings. Now this prosperous urban destination offers an iconic skyline, with skyscrapers that stretch up and over the fog banks, allowing the people within to see beyond the present and into the future. San Franciscans optimistically embrace change and champion a holistic approach to work and life.


Crossover Health aligns with that desire for wellness, inclusivity, and fingertip access to a technologically-advanced path forward. We hope the vibrant colors, the playful designs, and the unusual combinations of our San Francisco Skyscape artwork help you find your own unique perspective on the journey to your best health and well being.

A Closer Look

Aquino Creek

Guadalupe River

Homestead Run

Levi Stadium