Please join us for our annual Bamboleo event.

We look forward to exploring Unchartered Waters with you!

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Every year at Crossover we like to honor employees with our Eddie and Big Wave awards. Please submit your nominees by November 3rd. Awards will be presented at this year’s Winter Bamboleo events.

The Eddie Award

Eddie Aikau was a beloved Hawaiian lifeguard and surfer who made daring rescues and routinely charged huge waves that others wouldn’t dare attempt. The locals honored him with the saying, “Eddie Would Go,” which became a well-known homage to their hometown hero. At Crossover, we recognize and pay respect Eddie with our own awards to honor the team members who embody the courageous, selfless spirit of “Eddie Would Go.” Please fill out the nominee’s name and describe why you think they deserve the award.

Who do you nominate for the Eddie Award?


The Big Wave Award

The Big Wave Award is given to the team member who took on the “biggest wave” and made the most impact on the company this year. This individual demonstrated creativity and tenacity in pursuing their project goals and achieved meaningful improvements for the company as a result. Please fill out the nominee’s name, describe the project, and why you think they deserve the award.

Who do you nominate for the Big Wave Award?


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