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Your health. Your way.

I need a 

doctor fast.”
We do that.

Your Crossover care team is there when you need them, so there’s no need to wait for an appointment.

I need a great
We do that.

Sessions with qualified physical therapists from the comfort of home.

I need real 

We do that.

Clinical psychologists ready to support any mental health concern.

I need to get
serious about
We do that.

Customized nutrition plans developed by registered dietitians.

I need to add

to my life.”
We do that.

Fitness programs tailored to your personal goals by certified coaches.

Feel better, live well with Crossover.

Feel better, live well with Crossover.

  • Board-certified, in-house physicians with years of clinical experience
  • Primary care, physical therapy, mental health, health coaching and fitness
  • Secure technology that reduces the need for traditional in-office visits
  • Expert diagnoses, treatment or advice for all medical conditions
  • Collaborative care from your own personal care team who work together with you in mind
  • Membership plans that match your short-term or long-term needs

“I came to Crossover for help with
a sore throat. Now, I have a whole team
of caregivers who know me
on a first-name basis.”

What people are asking
about Crossover.

No. Your membership in Crossover is a complement to the health insurance you have now, not a replacement. Should you need care beyond what is offered from Crossover’s Medical Group, or require urgent or catastrophic medical treatment, your health insurance plan offers important financial protection. We recommend that you maintain adequate health insurance throughout your Crossover membership.
No. We have intentionally built our care and payment model to exclude the complexities and waste of healthcare insurance. Your Crossover membership gives you convenient, affordable access to care specialists who are not bound by insurance coverage restrictions, allowing them to fully focus on what’s best for your health. There are no fees for any medical, mental health, physical medicine or health coaching services within the Crossover system. Lab work and in-person referrals will be billed according to your health insurance guidelines. Should the Crossover team refer you to a caregiver outside of what Crossover offers, we will match you with a provider that is in-network for your specific health insurance plan.
Yes. We hire our own staff of board certificed, state licensed doctors and other qualified care providers. When you activate your Crossover membership, you will be connected with a designated care team with expertise in primary care (doctor and nurse), physical therapy, mental health, nutrition, fitness and care coordination.
With most telemedicine providers, you get a new doctor for every visit— making it difficult to have meaningful conversations about your ongoing medical needs. With Crossover, you will see the same primary care doctor, mental health therapist, physical therapist, and health or fitness coach each time you need care. Moreover, your Crossover care team will proactively reach out to you to be sure you are feeling better, answer questions about your care plan, and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Unlike telemedicine providers, the Crossover care model supports long-term relationships that ultimately result in better health outcomes.
Both. About 70% of our members’ health concerns can be fully resolved online, without the need for an office visit. However, if in-person care is ever needed, your assigned Crossover Care Navigator will help schedule in-person visits with specialists and arrange for any necessary tests or lab work. We will also coordinate record keeping, ensure your medical history and preventive screenings are up to date, and provide options and general advice for managing your care.
At Crossover, members age 18 and over get convenient access to a designated medical care team. Once your membership is activated, there are no additional fees for obtaining care within our care model for primary medical care, mental health services, physical therapy, health coaching, and care navigation. As a member, you will have access to all of the health services we offer, including fitness classes—without the complicated bills, insurance submissions, and paperwork associated with traditional medical care.
Yes. We serve many innovative companies with employees across the U.S. Our model is a highly-rated employee benefit with sustained 95% member satisfaction, improved population health outcomes, and lower healthcare costs. Contact us if you are interested in learning more about how Crossover Health can benefit your business.