Welcome to our cause

The value of good health is clear for employers and employees. Healthy employees are more engaged in their work, more productive and happier in their lives. Healthy employees also reduce the burden of healthcare costs for employers. But for many employers, the path to a healthy workforce has been far from simple. Crossover Health Medical Group is here to change that.

When we founded Crossover Health Medical Group, we were determined to bring to innovative employers the same standards of creativity, communication, connectivity and accountability they provide to their own customers. We were determined to create next-generation care.

The cause of health

We are reinventing healthcare to reduce costs, improve people’s health and wellbeing and introduce a truly engaging and preventive approach.

We treat the causes of illness but focus on the causes of great health, with a mission to unleash the power of wellbeing.

We are fearless in pursuing innovations in care and applying evidence-based measures to inform our continual growth and reinvention.

It is our responsibility to motivate people to the cause of health, through care and experiences that inspire.

These aren’t words you associate with the practice or experience of healthcare today. But they are at the center both of who we are and what we do. They define how we believe healthcare must engage people, the model we use to deliver care, the outcomes we strive to achieve, and how we design the health experience for our patients.

Who we are

Crossover Health Medical Group is a new type of medical group based and licensed in multiple states, with a client list of leading innovative companies that share our vision of the power of a healthy, motivated workforce. Our Practices are located in Silicon Valley as well as in other locations throughout the United States. The benefits of next-generation care already being proven at some of the most innovative companies in the world taking on the cost, quality, and experience of healthcare.


An awesome team

Whenever you dig into a successful company, you find the one consistent thing is an amazing team. Like ours. The range of skills and personalities we’ve brought into the Crossover Health Medical Group family is a big part of how, and why, we’re great care providers but also so much more – planners, designers, astute managers and, most important, committed to the cause of great health.

Meet our leadership team

Scott Shreeve, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Rich Patragnoni, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Nate Murray
Chief Revenue Officer
Karoline Hilu, MD
Chief Strategy Officer
Mark Nelson
Chief Financial Officer
Celeste Ortiz
Chief People Officer
Bret Jorgensen

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