Karoline Hilu, MD

Chief Strategy Officer

Personal profile

Karoline is a physician who wants to dedicate her career to rebuilding the healthcare system from the ground up.

Most recently, Karoline spent six years in Corporate Strategy & New Product Development at The Advisory Board Company. Karoline began her career at HLM Venture Partners and in healthcare investment banking at Merrill Lynch. She also worked at the UN Headquarters, where she focused on creating policies to improve access to care in the developing world.

Karoline received her BA from Harvard College and MD/MBA from the University of Chicago.

Karoline lives in Southern California with her husband Joe and son Jack, who is the fun factor equivalent of four children. In her spare time, she enjoys Al Pacino.

Karoline Hilu - Chief Strategy Officer

“Both patients and physicians are unhappy in the current healthcare system – and the best shot we have at fixing this is to do it without any pre-set limits, outside the confines of the traditional healthcare system.”



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