Bamboleo – New York

We’re excited to see you at our 2017 Bamboleo this winter!


November 10, 2017
6:30PM – 9:30PM


22 Battery Place
New York, NY, 10004

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RSVP no later than October 31st

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Crossover does not reimburse for parking, mileage nor drive share to Bamboleos for those traveling less than 50 miles. For employees traveling more than 50 miles, please confirm with your manager travel allowance. All travel should be approved in advance and will be reimbursed at $0.535 per mile.

Crossover does not pay for overnight accommodations for travelers under 50 miles. However, any is free to use our corporate rate at the designated hotels.

Yes! As a courtesy to the planning team RSVP is crucial in making sure all guests are accounted for food and drinks. If you are unable to RSVP by the designated date for your event please contact Anastasia.

Please contact to make any changes to your RSVP.

Due to liability, we will NOT allow children under the age of 18. Please note that there will be alcohol served at this event.

Unfortunately, due to space constraints we need to limit employees to only 1 guest.

Bamboleo’s dress is business classy and you are welcome to add some flair consistent with our them of Unchartered Waters.

Please contact Anastasia with your restrictions.