08 Jul CODE RED – How Proprietary HIT Vendors May Screw Up Health Reform

CODE RED (kōd rĕd) n. A system of hospital codes used world wide to alert staff to emergency conditions Codes intended to convey essential information quickly with minimal understanding "Code Red" typically implies catastrophic, life threatening emergency I had the privilege to meet with Phil Longman several years back...

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08 Jul CPT Codes-Why physicians always get screwed, thanks AMA

CPT Codes Set of health care procedure codes based on the American Medical Association's Current Procedural Terminology Established in 1978 to provide a standardized coding system for describing specific items and services provided in delivering health care. Daniel Palestrant comes right back from his opening salvo of last...

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26 May Transcript to Transformation: Twitterview with @Berci

Twitterview (twĭt'ər vyū) n. A twitterview is a combination of the terms Twitter and interview. The Twitter medium of 140 characters forces a concise style of interviewing and response. The public can join in on the conversation and become participants themselves by following along or tracking hashtags. On...

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