01 Oct Capitalism in Health Care – Do you still believe?

Capitalism (kăp'ĭ-tl-ĭz'əm) 1. An economic system based on a free market, open competition, profit motive and private ownership of the means of production. 2. Descriptive of a system that encourages private investment and business, compared to a government-controlled economy where investment money is obtained from private sources...

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16 Sep Between Retail and Concierge – Is there a place for branded primary care clinics?

Retail (rē'tāl) n. Of, relating to, or engaged in the sale of goods or commodities To sell in small quantities directly to consumers The "retailization" of health care continues to advance in fits and starts. There are multiple fronts of attack in this movement - everything from general...

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27 Aug Speaking Circuit: Coming to a Conference Near You

Circuit (sûr'kĭt) n. A path or route the complete traversal of which without local change of direction requires returning to the starting point. An association of theaters in which plays, acts, or films move from theater to theater for presentation. A group of nightclubs, show halls,...

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