Breast Cancer Awareness

One in eight

Did you know that 1 in 8 women has a chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime? Did you know that 200,000 women get breast cancer each year, and 40,000 don’t survive? There’s a lot of research going on to find treatments and cures. And you can do your part to help.

For every physical scheduled at our Practice in October, we’re donating $100 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Join the Fight

October is breast cancer awareness month. You know, breast cancer affects all of us. It knows no age, race or gender.It might affect you because you contract it or because a loved one is diagnosed with it. And we can do something about it. We can think pink.


You’ve Got the Touch


First of all, learn how to do your own breast self-examination. The best place to do a breast self-exam is in the shower, although you can also do one lying down in bed. Wherever you are most comfortable, the really important thing is that you do it. It’s about knowing what’s normal for your breasts.


We’re happy to discuss the self-exam techniques, and help you when something doesn’t feel normal.

Living Right

We can provide the info and coaching to live a healthy lifestyle. The right diet to help manage your weight. Limits for alcohol consumption. Great exercise programs. Everything to help reduce the odds.

    When Should I Get an Exam?


  • When it comes to exams we recommend that every woman have a clinical breast exam at least once every three years after the age of 20.
  • If you are 40-49 years old, talk to your doctor about when to start and how often to get a screening mammogram.
  • And experts recommend that if you are 50-74 years old, be sure to get a screening mammogram every 2 years.


All to stay on the pink side.


Thinking Pink


During October, we’re contributing $100 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for every physical performed at our Practices. It’s our way of joining the fight. Because we think cancer should just be a word, not a sentence. Because we’re thinking pink.

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