Crossover Art

Our core values at Crossover Health include Inspire People and Design Everything. That’s why each Crossover Health nearsite location is intentionally complemented with custom artwork that is contextually relevant, carefully thought through and meticulously designed for each space.


This “neighborhood” theming approach creates an element of surprise and delight that is embraced and encouraged in all of our efforts. At Crossover Health, we go all in – and it shows!

Crossover Health @ Shoreline

Opened October 15, 2015

Shoreline Art

Crossover Health @ San Tomas

Opened May 11, 2016

San Tomas Art

Crossover Health @ Mathilda

Opened March 29, 2017


Crossover Health @ Midtown

Opened June 20, 2017

Midtown Art

Crossover Health @ North First

Opened July 31, 2017

North First Art

Crossover Health @ Micron

Opened July 16, 2018

Micron Art

Crossover Health @ SOMA

Opening October 21, 2018

San Francisco Art

Crossover Health @ San Clemente


San Clemente Art