Day 65: Proof is in the Passion – Crossover Explained

27 May Day 65: Proof is in the Passion – Crossover Explained


Tonight I attended an awesome charity event called Savannah’s Organic Ranch. Savannah was a beautiful girl stricken with cancer whose last wish was to pass along her love of organic farming. The spark that was her life and encapsulated in her last wish has fueled a community wide passion for spreading representative organic “ranches” at local schools and in our community. I was impressed with the passion of this young girl, and how it has inspired equally vibrant passion for those who wish to keep her memory alive for a great cause.

I believe passion is an integral part of life and anyone’s life’s work. At several forks in my professional journey, I have chosen to pursue my passion instead of settling for a more secure road. It has been a defining characteristic in my life – one in which I have occasionally questioned during challenging times but have always known was my destiny. I find myself once again passionate about what I am attempting to do, and the familiar sense of being energized by both the general impossibility of the task at hand coupled with the equally strong sense of inevitability with which all entrepreneurs are endowed.

Instead of writing it out, I thought I would just capture what I am doing on video:


Saves me time, provides some strong visualization of our business, and hopefully conveys the passion I feel about what we are doing.  We will be using this blog and our other channels to tell our evolving story, as well as the entrepreneurial extremes we experience as we drive toward launch. Hope to make this a dialogue as we roll forward.

* For those of you wondering whats up with our broken down building, this video was shot by Benny Ek Media within our new space following its demolition. We look forward to introducing our new design, look and feel.

  • Bruce Hopper Jr MD
    Posted at 08:05h, 28 May Reply

    Most excellent overview, Scott. I’m confident your model succeeds and excels. Very impressive design. Philly is slowly ramping up. Wish I were as organized as you!


  • Omar
    Posted at 21:32h, 03 June Reply

    Its refreshing to see an organization that is putting the element of care back into healthcare 🙂

    Quite an interesting and unconventional model you have here. The feeling of following your passion completely resonates with me. I also started my company to help people and realize that profits will come based on the level of service that we provide.

    Best of luck on your endeavor and kudos to you on following your passion!


  • Dr. Harris Meyer
    Posted at 02:49h, 30 June Reply

    So glad I came across your post. Your organization sounds terrific and I love your tag line.

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