Day 90: Ninety Days to Launch

01 Apr Day 90: Ninety Days to Launch

Launch (lônch) adj.

  1. To begin a new venture or phase; embark.
  2. To enter enthusiastically into something; take the plunge.

Many of my close friends have asked where I have been the last six months. I posted about my career walkabout back in February, but its time to get back on line and keep the flock fed with the more regular updates.

I am pleased to let you know that we are T-minus 90 days to the official launch of Crossover Health. While I have been consulting under this banner since 2008, it is now time to put all that consulting work, all those engagements, and all that passion I feel for health care delivery reform to work in the actual stand up of a clinic. We are currently on track for a July 1 launch of our first concept “store” in Aliso Viejo. This clinic will be a combination of primary, urgent, and online care. We will heavily leverage technology, borrow service efficiency concepts from industry leaders, and try to deliver a consistent consumer experience with every interaction.

I am hoping to use the next 90 days to share with you the inside scoop, challenges, opportunities, thrills, and spills associated with this effort. As part of the concept, we will be using all the various social media channels to both communicate and prove our point about next generation health. We are actively seeking millennial patients and others who are interested in proactively managing their health with the assistance of a personal health advisor.  Please continue to follow us on Twitter (Note: I will be posting all updates to Crossover account) and fan us on Facebook if you have not already.


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