The AMP Wellness Brand: A Corporate Takeover

Crossover Health is not in the M & A business, but sometimes the brands we create can take over a company. This happened with the development of AMP Wellness at Applied Materials.

The Power of Design

Each of our health centers is an amalgam of what Crossover is as well as the culture of the company we become a part of. You see this most clearly in the facility design. Each health center design supports our experience-based practice model, our focus on people and our passion for design, and each is developed in partnership with our clients to inspire healthy relationships while encouraging people to take ownership of their health. But each site also reflects the unique expression of each of our customers—from the crisp, polished coolness of one client to the rough-edged, let’s-see-the-studs character of another.

This same amalgam can be seen in the brand strategy and subsequent communications we develop for each of our clients. Our process initiates with the development of an identity created specifically for each employer. Much more than a logo, the identity evolves into a brand that captures the combined promise Crossover and the employer make to the employees of the organization and acts as a guide to design, communication and operations.

Amping Up the Internal Energy

Applied Materials is one of the pioneers in Silicon Valley, founded in the late 1960’s, with a remarkable history of innovation. However, with its new Crossover-fueled health center, the company wanted to harness the energy of its employees while also shaking things up a bit. We determined early on that we needed to give the health and wellness programs a jolt with a new name and a new brand.

Each brand is a promise, a commitment by the company to make wellness an essential strategy for corporate success. It would also need to be direct, factual, easy to remember and (within the context of an engineering culture) had a bit of fun as well.

Based on our research, and our iterative brand strategy process, we developed a brand meme that was direct, factual, easy to remember and (within the context of an engineering culture) had some personality to it. We brought it to life with the name “AMP” which was an obvious reference to the ampere for the company’s engineers. It was also short, memorable, spoke about energy and you could tell a story around the acronym – Applied Materials People, Applied Materials Passion etc, And, critically, AMP means the same thing in any language, important for a global company like Applied Materials. We next breathed life into the concept of AMP Wellness with an identity that was powerful, energy-filled, and consisting of a lightning bolt with a strong, complimentary color palette. It’s edgy in an approachable way, it scales well to any application, won’t be subject to trendy fading, and it’s unique within healthcare.

From Makeover to Takeover

The strength of the brand, name and identity concept provided a rich foundation for our design, marketing and communication efforts. These were designed as a means to drive awareness both of one’s health in general but also of the many campaigns and programs that live under the AMP Wellness brand umbrella. We specifically used the brand concept to develop an entire range of brochures, a new web site and the employee gateway to their own health information, as delivered through our own Crossover One interface. Each created in a complementary voice and style that helped each employee know that AMP Wellness was uniquely theirs.

Then an interesting thing happened. The name and brand worked so well that the company adopted them for all of its refreshed health, wellness and benefits programs. The entire global benefits strategy adopted the brand as a platform to consistently communicate, organize, and integrate the total rewards strategy. Ultimately, over 43 different benefits vendors providing services to AMP Wellness were able to rally under a common look, feel, and identity. We quickly realized that this was exactly what we want to achieve everywhere—our client companies embracing a comprehensive approach to inspired, healthy living and the programs that support it. AMP Wellness had taken over the company.

In any organization, great execution of the day-to-day is essential to its success. But as we saw with AMP Wellness, a strong brand and great design are key ingredients to engagement and creating something memorable. It was also representative of how we strive to embed ourselves in the culture of our customers and the lives of our patients. The engagement motivates them to take ownership of their health and help them do the “hard work” of moving to healthier behaviors and the health outcomes the program was designed to achieve. The development and implementation of the AMP Wellness brand continues to serve as an essential catalyst on the journey to better health.