Experience Platform

Our patients are members. They’re engaged. They know they belong. They’re fully immersed in getting better, staying healthy and celebrating wellness. And their engagement is driven by remarkable care experiences.

Our Experience Platform underpins everything we do. It’s what ensures the right, motivating care for the right person just happens. Simply. With passion. And it feels like magic.

Brand strategy

We uniquely create distinctive health brands and compelling communication programs that engage our members.

A great brand has a compelling promise intensely delivered. Like ours. Our onsite and nearsite health brands are seamless amalgams of who we are, and what our clients’ cultures are, because helping employees feel they belong needs authenticity and transparency

Whether it’s a new name and identity for each of our onsite centers or the Crossover Health Medical Group brand at our nearsites, our brands guide the decisions we make that ensure the Crossover Health Medical Group experience is inspiring and effective. The brands are supported by marketing programs and communication that inform, educate and motivate before and after launch, and toolkits that help our clients customize employee programs for their organizations. It’s our mission to surprise and delight our members. Because next-generation healthcare has to be more than just good enough.

Care delivery

Our approach to care begins with our members at the center of all that we do.

Medical team

The core team includes a Physician, Nurse, Care Navigator and Host. The team is responsible for approximately 1,000 patients to ensure an enhanced, concierge level of service.

Care navigation

This is a new role in the comprehensive primary care model. Part project manager, part personal health advisor and part concierge, the Care Navigator skillfully guides a patient through a healthcare system that can often be complex and confusing.

Physical medicine

We believe physical medicine services must be an integral part of a comprehensive approach to care. That’s why so many of our health center sites have chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture services.

Care experience

We plan our workflows carefully to make it feel effortless. Attention to detail is evident in the design of every patient interaction.

Enabling technology

We embrace technology and build it from the start into everything we do, from member communication to clinical and administrative documentation.

Technology doesn’t replace the human interaction in healthcare, it enhances it. We embrace the power of technology to transform efficiencies and relationships, and our proprietary technology platform drives the experience before, during and after a visit.

Our native mobile and web-based app enables members to track health trends, make appointments, securely message the care team, review lab results and request medication refills. Documenting in our electronic medical record saves time for providers, expenses for employers and significantly reduces the chance of medical error.

And like everything else we do, the experience of our technology is carefully designed to be simple, seamless and, frankly, beautiful.

Facility design

Each of our health centers integrates practical, effective layouts with environments that delight.

We believe strongly that a health relationship has to extend beyond the walls of our health centers. But we also believe those walls and the spaces they enclose have to be memorable.

We start by planning our health centers based on solid evidence. That means efficient plans that reduce travel time and simplify access to complementary services, helping us provide for medical needs in one location. We create team collaboration areas that amplify our commitment to comprehensive, integrated care. We integrate both HIPAA and green building standards. And we fill it with light and a high level of design, finishes and amenities. We look for inspiration from the best in hospitality and retail, because next generation healthcare has to look beyond the boundaries of care to find environments that truly inspire.

Health management

We are positioned at the nexus of patients, providers and employers, to fully aggregate and report on a vast array of data.

We are uniquely positioned at the nexus of providers, patients and payors, and bring deep abilities to aggregate and analyze a vast array of data. This allows us to provide robust analytic reports to ensure our program and operational decisions are truly driven by evidence.

Membership focus

When patients are members, engagement and accountability are taken to new levels.

Patient engagement is the buzz phrase today. We take it to a new level. People are truly engaged in their health and wellness when they believe that they’re part of something and that they and our care team are genuinely accountable to each other. It’s why we emphasize membership at Crossover.

People are truly engaged in their health and wellness when they believe that they belong to something and that they and our care team are genuinely accountable to each other. It’s why we emphasize membership at Crossover Health and why we’ve been able to take patient engagement to a new level.

It’s a domino effect. To change health, you need to change behaviors. To change behavior, you need to engage people. To engage people you need provide a sense of accountability and ownership. It’s more than wearing the t-shirt (although we create awesome t-shirts). Membership in Crossover Health means the patient is joining our cause of health and committed to the healthiest life.

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