Surprise and delight.

We build a sense of identity and ownership by employees for their health center team, relationships and facilities. It’s truly their medical home. It’s where they know they belong.

A great brand has a compelling promise intensely delivered. Like ours. Our onsite and nearsite health brands are seamless amalgams of who we are, and what our clients’ cultures are, because helping employees feel they belong needs authenticity and transparency.

Whether it’s a new name and identity for each of our onsite centers or the Crossover Health brand at our nearsites, our brands guide the decisions we make that ensure the Crossover Health experience is inspiring and effective. The brands are supported by marketing programs and communication that inform, educate and motivate before and after launch, and toolkits that help our clients customize employee programs for their organizations. It’s our mission to surprise and delight our members. Because next-generation healthcare has to be more than just good enough.