Experience that really is patient-centered.

Crossover Health’s next-generation care is built around the patient-centered medical home. Patients are surrounded by a professional care team appropriate for their needs, and supported by the tools and technology that allow patients to fully engage and excel in their health and wellness.

Medical Team

The core team includes a Physician, Nurse, Care Navigator and Host. The team is responsible for approximately 1,000 patients to ensure an enhanced, concierge level of service.

Care Navigation

This is a new role in the comprehensive primary care model. Part project manager, part personal health advisor and part concierge, the Care Navigator skillfully guides a patient through a healthcare system that can often be complex and confusing.

Physical Medicine

We believe physical medicine services must be an integral part of a comprehensive approach to care. That’s why so many of our health center sites have chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture services.

Care Experience

We plan our workflows carefully to make it feel effortless. Attention to detail is evident in the design of every patient interaction.