Experience a different,
better kind of healthcare
with Crossover Health!

Just as Crossover provides a unique healthcare experience for the Life@Wellness Center and the Crossover Health Centers throughout the Bay Area, we’re providing a unique wellness experience for you through our virtual services delivered by a dedicated Crossover care team.

How does it work?

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A care team member will respond within 2 hours of receiving your message. You will get an email alert to log back into the secure platform to read the response. Continue messaging with your care team until your issue is resolved.

Meet some of the team

Common Questions

Register at care.crossoverhealth.com. If you have received services at the Life@ Wellness Center at MPK in the past, you will already have a Crossover account and can log in using the same email and password. You may request to reset your password in the login process, if needed.
There are no fees for starting a “Conversation” with your care team and no limits on messaging back and forth with your provider. Some health concerns can be solved this way and will not require an appointment. For any video or phone visits, care will follow your regular fee schedule. For all outside lab orders and in-person community referrals, you will be billed according to your medical plan.
Providers from each service line are available from 8am-5pm local time Monday through Friday. Virtual Primary Care is available 7 days/week 8am-5pm local time. If you log in afterhours and start a conversation that requires attention, you will be given the option to escalate your care to “urgent” by calling the phone number shown on screen to be connected to Crossover’s on-call physician.
Although response times may vary, the care team will typically respond to a “Conversation” and any subsequent messages, within two hours of receipt during business hours Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm local time. This allows you to go about your day without finding and scheduling an appointment, commuting, sitting in a waiting room, and repeating the sequence with any needed follow-up appointments.
No, Facebook will not have access to your patient records. Your personal health information (PHI) is protected by federal privacy and security regulations. Crossover Health uses a HITRUST-certified data security protocol to protect personal health information, following standards for privacy, security, and network architecture.