Health 2.0: The Prelude

03 Mar Health 2.0: The Prelude

Prelude (prĕllūd‘) n.
  1. An introductory performance, event, or action preceding a more important one; a preliminary or preface
  2. A piece or movement that serves as an introduction to another section or composition and establishes the key, such as one that precedes a fugue, opens a suite, or precedes a church service.

I took a beautiful drive down the 5 Freeway on my way to SD this am. I longingly looked out over those perfect 4-5 foot slow rollers near San Onofre State Beach – you know those ones that as they break they are spilling perfect spirals of spray that get rainbowed in the early morning sunlight. Perfect 65 degree weather, crystal clear visibility, and the deep inviting blue of the Pacific Ocean. You always know its a good day when you have a direct line of sight to Catalina Island. Georgeous.

It was clearly contributory to my mood as we head into the Health 2.0 Spring Fling (only in CA is the spring fling on March 4!). Many of my colleagues left the frozen tundra and 12 degree weather of the Midwest to find themselves in beautiful San Diego. I arrived at 8:30 for some preliminary meetings and to help polish of some details. I spent some time with the setup guys working out the details of the setup, the spotlights, and of course the sound system. Everything is in the ready. It reminds me of the locker room time before the big games when I would always arrive long before my teammates to soak up the feel, the smells, and the visceral anticipation of the “big game”.

Looking over the agenda, Health 2.0 has matured dramatically in the last six months. Corporate sponsors out plastered everywhere, the agenda has grown while staying real, and the annual conference is already expecting over 1,000 attendees as this goes to the next level. As I consider my role as an early, leading, and perhaps loudest advocate, I am pleased with the now self propelling momentum of the movement. And I believe it is fair to consider Health 2.0 truly a movement at this point, as evidence by the growing groundswell of innovation and activity in this area. It also gives us hope, and perhaps a prelude at this early stage, of next generation health care that is will be more inclusive, more personal, more accountable, more equitable, and provide a significantly improved consumer experience.

Now that will be some beautiful music.

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