Healthy Holiday Eating

Break the Cycle

Have a healthy holiday

Love the holidays. Lose the guilt.

The holidays. Good times but too much food, drinks, sweets, and, that seemingly guaranteed weight gain. And then the guilt rolls in. Back to the lettuce and the gym on January 1st, to shed those pounds. Maybe. Only to repeat it the next year. The cycle begins anew.


Let’s break the cycle.

Seeing the holidays
in a new way.

Part of what you need to do is take a new…and an old…view of what these holidays are.

They’re time to celebrate with friends and family. Time to appreciate life. Not simply an excuse to indulge. You can take a different approach to the holidays, enjoy them more and get out of the cycle. And we can help.


5 Cycle-Breakers

Here are 5 easy cycle-breakers to think about as you enjoy yourself this holiday season.

Be Prepared 
Eat something healthy before you go out so you don’t feel ravenous.


Be Mindful
Really take your time and appreciate your food.


Be Present
Take the time to enjoy where you are and the company you’re with, not just the food in front of you.


Be Picky
Pay attention to what you eat, how much you serve yourself. You don’t need to eat the entire pumpkin pie, you know.


Be Grateful
And finally, be grateful. Not just grace at dinner but your appreciation of the food, family and friends. And if you do all we’ve said above, you will be.

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