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Integrated Physical Medicine at Employer-Sponsored Health Clinics Improves Quality of Care at Reduced Cost
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Tips for Staying Healthy

Mindfulness at Work

We hear from our friends and clients that they want to be more mindful, but what does this actually mean? First, let’s define our environment. We don’t need to look far to see the stressors of modern life. It comes in many forms, whether in feeling tethered to our smartphones, pressured to succeed, social comparison,...
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5 Ways To Cope When Anxiety Strikes

Anxiety can strike in many forms — incessant worry, panic attacks, and fear of social situations, to name a few. And, it affects more people than you may realize. Anxiety is actually part of our natural survival instinct. It triggers the fight-or-flight response, which makes us feel worked up and alerts us that we could...
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10 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

These tips will help you clear your head so you can rest well. 1. Eat earlierAfter you eat, your body is busy digesting and can keep you awake. If you eat early, all of that important work can wrap up by the time you’re ready for sleep. However, if you’re starving before bed, that can...
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10 Tips for Traveling Healthy

How to stay on the go and out of the doctor’s office. 1. Get your flu shotWhy risk it? The tiny needle is way less painful than a few days in bed with the flu while on holiday. You’ll be up to 60% less likely to contract the virus, and even if you do the symptoms will...
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Crossover Media Coverage

A New Model of Care

Apple, Facebook’s Primary Care Provider Acquires Sherpaa: 4 Lessons For Health Systems.

Crossover Growth Story

A red-hot healthcare startup that got a boost when Apple took a chance on it is ramping up big time.

Seamless Virtual and Digital Care

It was inevitable that Sherpaa and Crossover would merge. It was just a matter of patience.  

Peer-Reviewed Research

Crossover integrated physical medicine improves quality of care at reduced cost.