Invite a Friend

How it works


Pick up tour invitation cards at Crossover Health and give them to your co-workers


When the first co-worker takes a short tour of the Practice, you both receive a gift


When 5 or more co-workers take the tour, you receive an Ambassador Gift Box


How do I participate?

Visit one of our centers for a tour invitation card. Once you receive it, invite your co-workers to experience Crossover Health.

Do I need an active Crossover account?

You don’t need an active account to invite co-workers to experience Crossover Health or receive recognition. But you do need to activate your account to schedule an appointment.

How do I schedule my tour?
You can create an account here and message the Practice Manager directly.  Or call one of our locations to schedule your tour.
What is involved in the tour?
The short tour will help you get to know the many health services, care providers and special privileges available with this benefit sponsored by your employer. People who tour the center typically are surprised to find out about the many conveniences and range of services available.

Schedule an appointment

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