Its Official – EHR's are a commodity

15 Sep Its Official – EHR's are a commodity

Commodity (kə-mŏd’ĭ-tē) n.

During my days selling an electronic health records, I would often get into client conversations regarding the features and functions of the software as the differentiator between software platforms. Whenever we digressed to this point, I knew that the client really didn’t have an accurate understanding of both the power and potential of the software. I would run through the whole value chain concept, discuss how the CCHIT certifications makes features and functionality commodity, and that they should be focused on what the software can do not so much on how it does it.  This was particularly true when we were selling the homely, but fully featured VistA Electronic Health Record.

Its Official! The EHR Is now a Commodity.

But today, as I was thumbing through some mail, I saw that Costco now is selling enterprise health care software. Jeez, I was just thinking the other day that I would go to Costco to pick up a party pack of Tweezlers and my new EMR system. Better, yet, can’t you see some of those booth babes hanging out in the crowded aisles working people in between bites of skewered polish sausage niblets? Hey, did you try the new salsa? Hey, did you know your decision analytics will automatically cross check drug compatability?

Mmmm. It just does not compute.

I just want to buy my party pack of Tweezlers in peace without some care gap reminder firing off!


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