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When you start down the path to health and wellness, it’s great to know your team will be with you all the way providing expert knowledge, timely motivation, and even a little inspiration. We share a passionate belief in the power of relationships and look forward to meeting you!

Sylvia Chudy, MD

Primary Care

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Sylvia Chudy is a passionate and caring family physician who is driven to take the delivery of healthcare to the next level. In her role as a primary care physician, she has become dedicated to providing quality care to her patients while developing an impactful relationship with them. Her goal in patient care is determining the root cause of chronic illness and disease prevention. She has, thus, taken on a personal interest in integrative medicine and functional medicine. Since residency, she has treated patients in the inpatient, outpatient, and nursing home settings, and has also mentored family medicine residents. She has been involved in the New York State Academy of Family Physicians in pushing forward an integrated approach to primary care. She is always striving to connect with like-minded physicians and healthcare providers who seek to focus on an integrated model of health and wellness for patients that includes lifestyle modification.


Sylvia was raised in New Jersey and has spent the last ten years in New York. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, the outdoors, photography, and international cuisine. She enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city, but also takes comfort in spending time with her family pet or tending to her orchids.


Robert Pampin, DO

Primary Care

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Certifications: American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM), American Board of Obesity Medicine (ABOM)
Education: BS Pathologists Assistant – St. John’s University, MS Toxicology – St. John’s University, DO – New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Osteopathic Internship – St. Barnabas Hospital Bronx, N.Y.
Residency: Family Medicine Residency – St. Joseph’s Hospital  Paterson, N.J


Robert Pampin knew early on in as he began his college education science had an incredibly strong hold on his interest. Along the way he also additionally enjoyed philosophy and the humanities. As his journey moved forward he met key mentors who would drive this passion further. Inevitably this collective experience led him to apply his efforts to a career in medicine, in particular Family Medicine. This specialty afforded him the ability to meld all of his interests and see patients in the context of our complex and ever changing healthcare, and social system. As his career has developed he has come to realize that most of the disease he saw was in large part preventable. In particular the current obesity epidemic has been exploding with major impact on public health. This being the case Robert has recently become board certified in bariatric(weight loss) medicine by the ABOM and has integrated this into his care. With 2/3 of all adults in the US being either overweight or obese there is much work to be done. He has been quoted as saying that “If I can prevent more disease than I treat over my career, then I have done some good”. That is how he approaches his patient care and is thrilled to be part of the Crossover Health family dedicated to patient centric care.


Outside of the office Robert enjoys time with family and putting into practice what he preaches. Diet and exercise are important parts of his life and attempting to lead by example he feels is an important responsibility of a physician. Additionally he is often said to have a comedic sense, and loves to find the humor in life as well. Since his children were young the family will frequent Manhattan and enjoy the educational as well as the cultural diversity offered. Having been born in the Bronx, and doing his training in NYC being at Crossover Midtown is like coming home again. He is thrilled to offer his experience to the team, and is dedicated to offer the highest level of integrative care possible to his patients.


Galina Tarnopolskiy, RN

Practice Lead

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Galina has always had a passion for helping people since a young age. When it came time to choosing her professional career, there was no better choice than nursing. Galina graduated with a dual degree of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Nursing from Long Island University. She started her career in Bellevue Hospital Center, in a fast paced environment of the medical intensive care unit. She has a calm manner and a quiet enthusiasm that are particularly suited for patient care in a critical care setting. She listens and observes very intently, gathering the subtlest details of her patients’ clinical pictures and helping to guide their care in important ways. Her strong interpersonal skills, ability to multitask, and solution driven mindset quickly transitioned her into a leader of her unit. After a few years of working in the Medical Intensive Care Unit, Galina has moved on to helping beautiful babies come into the world. Her role as a bedside nurse in Labor and Delivery really strengthened her passion for patient education. Her calm, assured, and gentle character can always bring a smile to her patients. She is able to rise to any occasion and accept new challenges with a positive attitude and see them as an opportunity for growth.


Somerlyn Paul, RN

Registered Nurse

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Somerlyn has a Bachelors in Nursing from Azusa Pacific University. Her journey as a nurse has provided her with a wide range of opportunities and experiences in both traditional and non-traditional settings, shaping her global perspective of health care. From working autonomously in pediatric home health care, to collaborating with diverse medical teams internationally, and most recently coordinating research studies at Stanford, Somerlyn has developed a passion for preventative health care and patient education. Her heart for service and zest for adventure has led her to many different countries including Kenya, Germany and Mexico, where she was able to work, serve and educate those with little to no access to quality health care.



When Somerlyn isn’t in scrubs, she enjoys cooking, good books, running, the ocean and traveling with her husband to the far corners of the globe. She is creative and driven and passionate about health. She believes that wellness is key and that with the right care and education, we can inspire people to identify and pursue their own health goals.


Samantha Diaz

Lead Host

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Samantha is a driven individual who cares about her work and the relationships she forges while doing it. She love working with people on a personal level and getting to know what makes a project work best for all that are involved. She never shies away from a challenge and always gives everything she has towards accomplishing her goals or the goals of the team. For the past year, Samantha has been working in the rehabilitation therapy industry, caring for patients and staff with a keen eye towards rebuilding and strengthening for the long haul. As a college athlete, she saw first-hand the torture of a destabilizing injury and the kindness and precision necessary for full recovery. She has a passion for competition and expects excellence in all she does, winning the praise of patients and staff alike.

Samantha was born in Hoboken, NJ, she attended college at Arcadia University, and played varsity lacrosse, earning her degree in psychology. She is also the first person in her family to earn a four-year degree. She is one of 4 children and strives to be a good role model for her siblings and help around the house when she can. Samantha enjoys working out, traveling, playing sports, cooking and spending time with family and friends.


Angelina Carmichael


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As a graduate of SUNY Canton’s Health Care Management program, Angelina’s ultimate goal is to supply the people she encounters and her community with the best possible quality care and customer service. Growing up with two generations of nurses in her family, she always knew that a hospital environment is where she was herself in the future. Angelina is described by her family and friends as reliable, loyal and compassionate with a bubbly personality; she truly loves putting a smile on people’s faces and making a positive difference.


During her internship at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, she was able to develop her interpersonal skills as well as her skills in customer services. One of her biggest achieves thus far is creating the transcript for the Claremont Health Village Initiative, an outreach organization that works towards the beautification and improvement of the South Bronx. She was able to locate, map and contact over 150 community gardens, food pantries, integrated health sites, and youth organizations all over the Bronx in order to promote community growth and wellness. As the former President of her sorority, Alpha Chi Omicron Inc., Angelina places a huge importance on team efforts, kindness and community assistance.


This youngest of three and former child pageant winner enjoys her art in the forms of makeup, fashion, music, and food! She also enjoys a quiet night in with her beloved cat, Roger.


Candice Hylton


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Candice is a hardworking, dedicated and motivated individual, with excellent interpersonal skills. She believes in giving the best customer service possible and mastered that skill when she worked in retail sales during her early college years. She subsequently worked in the healthcare field as a Unit Secretary on the liver/renal transplant ward of one of New York’s major hospitals. While at the hospital, she mastered the art of multi-tasking, developed strong organizational and follow-up skills, and learnt and appreciated the importance of team work. Being from a diverse background, she prides herself in being able to communicate effectively with people from various backgrounds. Candice believes that patient-centered care is the heart of any successful healthcare organization, and is committed to giving patients the best customer service possible.

Candice was born and raised in Jamaica and later moved to New York in her mid -teens. She currently attends Lehman College, where she maintains her academic distinctions and hopes to obtain a Bachelor of Science Degree in healthcare Administration soon. She is the second child and only female of five children which has contributed to the development of her sweet and caring disposition. She gets along well with almost anyone she comes in contact with, and has capped the title of “Most Congenial” in the two competitions that she entered as a pre-teen. She is an admirer of the arts and enjoys taking trips to the museum and going on nature walks. Candice also enjoys reading, dancing and listening to music.


Gary Abano, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist

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Certifications: Doctor of Physical Therapy, Board Certified Orthopedic specialist, Graston Technique Certified Practitioner, Certified Kinesio taping practitioner
Education: Utica College


Gary is a dynamic and empathic person in all aspects of his life. He is ready to adapt to any situation and is enthusiastic about experiencing new things. He is especially keen on using his empathy to understand fully what his patients are going through and to see the person in front of him, and not just the injury that they have. He has been incorporating this in his practice of almost ten years and has lead to developing great relationships with his patients. Having worked with various individuals, from the barista at your favorite coffee shop to the CEO of a multinational company, or to professional athletes, his approach and dedication to each person has been the same. Along with his more personal approach and practical knowledge, he has made sure to accompany this with clinical expertise. He holds a specialization in orthopedics which is held by less than 5 percent of physical therapists in the US and ranked 9th in the whole country during his board examinations in the Philippines. To supplement his practice, Gary employs various manual therapy techniques, Kinesio taping, and the Graston technique.


“G-man” or simply “G” is energized by photography, being outdoors, playing soccer, dancing hip-hop or salsa, trying different kinds of food, and most especially by his wife and little boy. He is fueled by creativity and activity and is looking forward to gaining more meaningful experiences in life.


Anna Corre, PT

Physical Therapist

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Certification: Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy

Education: University of the Philippines – Manila


Anna is a licensed Physical Therapist in New York and the Philippines, with over 12 years of clinical experience in various rehabilitation settings, primarily and extensively in the field of sports and orthopedics. Anna’s approach to patient care is highly personalized and holistic, focusing on finding the root cause of the clients’ aches and complaints through exhaustive evaluation and active listening, instead of tunneling into their injury site. Aside from the quality of care she provides, she also aims to teach her patients ways to manage their aches and pains before it gets worse; equip them with powerful knowledge to better understand their body and health; and impact necessary changes in their lifestyle to prevent future injuries.


Anna earned her degree in Physical Therapy from the University of the Philippines in 2005. Early in her career, she practiced in the field of pediatrics and neurology, privately and in hospital settings. Shortly after, she moved her practice to one of the most prestigious sports and orthopedic physical therapy centers in the Philippines where she worked with a wide range of clients; from professional/semi-professional, collegiate, and young athletes to your weekend warriors, gym fanatics and sedentary individuals. She also had the opportunity to work as part of on-field medical teams in various sports activities such as judo, volleyball, basketball and cheer dance competitions. Her passion and commitment to pursuing greater challenges, extensive training and life-long learning led her to New York City in 2010. Anna focused on honing her manual therapy skills and clinical reasoning through various training and courses and later received her Mastery Certificate in Manual Therapy.


During her free time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, exploring the city and the outdoors, watching musicals/theater/sports, and most importantly spending time with friends and family especially with her husband and young daughter. 



Johanna Gan, DC


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Certifications: Doctor of Chiropractic
Education:University of California, San Diego, Palmer College of Chiropractic West
Johanna is a California native who always had a passion for health and fitness. Growing up as an avid wushu martial artist, she learned from an early age the importance of biomechanics, balancing strength and flexibility, proper nutrition, and recovery. Johanna has extensive experience working with a variety of patients, from the pediatric to geriatric population, as well as professional athletes and weekend warriors.
Johanna graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology at UC San Diego before earning her Doctorate in Chiropractic at Palmer College of Chiropractic West. She ran her own practice for two years prior to joining the amazing Crossover team at Facebook Health Center. In summer of 2017, Johanna transferred to the East Coast to partake in Crossover’s expansion in New York City. And she is loving every second of it!



Roseann McCauley, DC


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Roxxi McCauley, DC is a native New Yorker with all the enthusiasm and spirit that  innately provides. Roxxi was formerly a giftware buyer who then became a Chiropractor after  experiencing a personal health issue, that evaded traditional medicine. The chiropractor that treated her healed her so dramatically that she was drawn to the career. She was inspired to help others as she was helped. She is a graduate of University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College. Here she study a rigorous medically based program with concentration on patient specific care. After graduation she began as a freelance chiropractor in Manhattan her patient base grew quickly and decided to establish her own practice in the up and coming community of Beacon NY.  In 2015 she sold this practice taking some time off to travel.


Dr McCauley uses a variety of  techniques to treat her patients.While she enjoys working with all types of patients and issues she has a special interest in women health, including pre and post natal care. She feels strongly that each patient must be treated as an individual. She enjoys spending time learning and keeping up with the latest techniques and research. Currently she is pursuing certification in Electrodiagnostic Testing.


In her time off she enjoys her family and friends. Some of her favorite hobbies include hiking, broadway shows, the NY Rangers, traveling, and she is very passionate about all animals and anything Bravo.


Dr McCauley is very excited to be a part of the Crossover Health Team that is dedicated to providing patient centered care.


Jessica Sowards, MS L.Ac.


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Certifications: L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist), CD (DONA Certified Advanced Doula), NADA Protocol (Auricular Acupuncture for Addiction and Detox), Post Graduate Certification (Classical Chinese Secondary Channels with Master Jeffrey Yuen, NYC).

Education: NYCTM (New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine) ,MS (Masters Degree Heath Science).


Dedicated, sensitive and highly trained, Jessica Sowards provides her patients with a deeply grounded and informed foundation from which to transform their health and enrich and empower their lives. Jessica is a Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncturist in New York State where she completed a four year post secondary Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine program at The New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine where she also earned a Master’s degree in Western Health Science. She then pursued additional Graduate training in Classical Acupuncture techniques with Dr. Jeffrey Yuen in Manhattan’s Chinatown Wellness Center. Jessica offered clinical Acupuncture services to New York City Firefighters and their families through the Friends of Firefighters organization where she focused on chronic pain and injury, mental health and stress relief. In addition, Jessica is an expert in natural childbirth and holds an Advanced Certified Labor Doula designation. She has guided and assisted laboring women during hundreds of joyful births in the past ten years. Her areas of focus and special interest include Women’s Health and fertility, the childbearing year, mood disorders, as well as sports medicine, rehabilitation, and pain relief. She maintains a private practice in the Flatiron District in New York City.


Tracy Lockwood, MS, RD, CDN

Health Coach

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Education: Bachelors Degree in Dietetics from University of Wisconsin Madison and Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University
Certifications: Masters of Science , Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist


Tracy Lockwood is a registered dietitian nutritionist in NYC. After she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she completed her dietetic internship and received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. Throughout her career, she has worked with diverse populations in a variety of settings, such as corporate wellness, clinical, private practice, food service, long term and short term care and rehabilitation centers. She is the nutrition advisor for a pre-conception nutrition company known as FertileGirl and is a nutrition consultant for food brands in the health and wellness space.


Tracy has had the privilege to sit on expert panels, give lectures to parents, children, school faculties and large corporations in New York City. She has been published in the New York Times and has been quoted in numerous publications including Fox News, The Huffington Post, SoulCycle, Time Health and the Daily Mail.


At Crossover health, Tracy is excited to be her client’s personal cheerleader as she counsels and educates them towards achieving their specific goals and gives them the tools to develop a positive relationship with food. Her effervescent personality and sense of humor puts her clients at ease, which allows her to develop a special relationship with each and every one of them.


Born and raised in New York, Tracy loves the fast paced and fast walking and talking New Yorkers. When she’s not at work, you can find Tracy perusing the grocery store aisles, inspecting new products, and getting inspired for recipes to try at home. Tracy loves anything with peanut butter or with an egg!


Camilla Lee, RD, CDN

Health Coach

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Certifications: Registered Dietician Nutritionist, Certified Dietician Nutritionist
Education: Hunter College for DPD (Didactic PRogram in Dietetics) and DI (Dietetic Internship)
The Evergreen State College for undergrad – BS in Biology and Chemistry


Camilla was born in Vermont and raised in Massachusetts.  She went to college in the Pacific Northwest at Evergreen and then lived in Portland, OR and on the Oregon coast for several years after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry.  After 8 years out west Camilla returned to the Northeast and settled in Brooklyn, NY.  Camilla has always been drawn to food and interested in how we use it to nourish ourselves.  Once in New York, she started working in both the food service industry and health education.  She attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and received a certificate in Health Coaching through IIN and Columbia Teachers College.  After finishing that program she enrolled at Hunter College to pursue the Registered Dietitian credential.  While at Hunter she was a member of Kappa Omicron Nu, an honors society and volunteered at The Harlem Ivy after-school program at Columbia Teachers College teaching school children how to cook and about farming and sustainability.  Camilla is a Registered Dietitian through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and a Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist through New York State.


Camilla loves to cook, especially for friends and family.  She enjoys yoga and getting out of the city upstate into the country.  She can be found every Saturday at the Fort Greene farmers market in her neighborhood looking for food inspiration.


Paul Park, PsyD


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Paul Park, Psy.D. is a NY state licensed psychologist who has helped people through loss, traumatic events, and life transitions. He believes that the foundation for a successful therapy is a strong therapeutic relationship. Building on this alliance, Paul helps his patients manage difficult emotions/thoughts/reactions, navigate personal/professional relationships, and cultivate self-awareness and a greater compassion for oneself. Paul has received postgraduate training in treatments for trauma (CPT, EMDR) and substance abuse, and Motivational Interviewing; and incorporates the principles of AEDP and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction into his practice.


Paul arrived at Crossover Health by way of Bellevue Hospital Center where his responsibilities as a Senior Psychologist and Mental Health Liaison included helping people work through their grief, trauma, family/multicultural issues, and adjustment to complex medical issues (e.g., cancer, respiratory/pulmonary issues). Previously, as the Mental Health Director of the World Trade Center Clinical Center of Excellence at Rutgers University, Paul managed a full-scale mental health clinic, developing new services and codifying the policies and procedures related to mental health; and provided assessments and psychological treatment to the first responders of the 9/11 WTC attack. Paul also completed his Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical and Community Psychology at Yale University School of Medicine and his Pre-doctoral Internship at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital.

Paul was raised in Torrance, CA, completed his B.A. in Cognitive Science and Psychology at UC Berkeley, and made the pivotal move east to pursue his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Rutgers University. In his spare time, he enjoys long runs around Manhattan, outdoor events, and weekend hikes with his family.


Elyse Chaifetz, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

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Elyse Chaifetz, Ph.D., is a New York State licensed psychologist with extensive experience in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as well as acceptance based and mindfulness approaches. Additionally, as a trained health psychologist, she has expertise in working with patients with various health concerns (pain, insomnia) and chronic medical conditions. Dr. Chaifetz completed her pre-doctoral internship year at the VA NY Harbor Healthcare System where she worked in a day treatment setting and both an inpatient and outpatient substance abuse program. She then went on to complete her post- doctoral residency in a group practice where she specialized in utilizing modern technology including virtual reality therapy and biofeedback. Following her residency, Elyse worked for two and a half years at Rusk Rehabilitation, NYU Langone Medical Center as an inpatient rehabilitation psychologist. She now maintains a private practice where she specializes in the treatment of anxiety, mood disorders, and relationship issues.


Elyse was born and raised on Long Island, New York and has lived in Manhattan for the past 10 years. Before obtaining her Doctorate in Psychology at Ferkauf Graduate School, Yeshiva University, she graduated with honors from The George Washington University. She enjoys going to the gym, reading, exploring New York City, and spending time with her friends and family.


Agnes Selinger, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

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Education: Clark University, B.A., New York University, M.A., Hofstra University Ph.D

Residency: Southwestern Vermont Consortium

Certification: NY State License


Agnes Selinger is a NY state licensed psychologist with expertise in cognitive behavioral therapies for young children, adolescents, and adults. Dr. Selinger has extensive experience providing exposure and response prevention (CBT) to individuals suffering from obsessive compulsive spectrum disorders and anxiety disorders, as well as depression, trichotillomania, Tourette’s and ADHD among others. In addition, Dr. Selinger has been intensively trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and frequently incorporates acceptance based strategies such as mindfulness into her treatment.


Dr. Selinger earned her master’s and doctoral degrees from Hofstra University’s combined clinical and school psychology program, as well as an additional master’s degree in psychology from New York University. She completed her pre-doctoral clinical internship at the Southwestern Vermont Consortium, which included outpatient rotations providing individual and group therapy to clients of all ages. While there, she also provided individual treatment and parent training for children who participated in Head Start and conducting neuropsychological assessments at a memory clinic.


Dr. Selinger enjoys the outdoors such as hiking, skiing and swimming at the beach. She has a passion for traveling and has visited 26 countries and hopes to add more. When not outdoors, she likes spending time with her friends and family going out to dinner, to Broadway shows, museums and everything else that NYC has to offer.


Lauren O’Flaherty, PsyD


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Certifications: CBT, DBT, ACT, NLC
Education: B.A. University of California, Irvine, M.A., University of Denver, Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology – University of Denver
Residency: NYU/Bellevue Hospital Center


Lauren O’Flaherty, Psy.D. is a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a variety of experience including both outpatient and inpatient treatment. She has worked in hospitals, community mental health, correctional settings and student clinics. Dr. O’Flaherty was born in England and raised in sunny Orange County, California, where she attended the University of California, Irvine and obtained a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Social Behavior and Criminology, Law and Society. The mountains of Denver, Colorado brought her to graduate school at the University of Denver, first obtaining a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and subsequently, a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Behavioral Therapies (CBT/DBT/ACT). She gave up nature for the excitement of New York City, completing her predoctoral internship at NYU/Bellevue Hospital. After completing her postdoctoral hours at Manhattan Psychiatric Center, she returned to Bellevue, where she worked with justice involved and underserved individuals and was a part of the training of psychology students through the Psychiatry Department at NYU School of Medicine. Additionally, she is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner with training in nutrition and health coaching.


Professionally, Dr. O’Flaherty is driven to help individuals identify values, recognize and change thought patterns, and integrate emotions with thoughts and behavior. Moreover, she believes people discover their best selves through overall wellness habits, including not only psychotherapy, but also through movement, nutrition and mindfulness. She loves getting to know people and working to collaboratively come up with creative solutions to challenging situations – with the end goal of helping individuals get what they want out of life.


Dr. O’Flaherty lives in Manhattan with her husband and enjoys exploring the city’s museums, trying new fitness studios, discovering great restaurants and taking her puppy to the dog park on weekends. She also enjoys running, hiking, travel, reading, taking classes and spending time with loved ones.



Kore Glied, Ph.d.

Clinical Psychologist

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Certifications: NY State Licensed Clinical psychologist
Education: Ph.D. from Rutgers University
Residency: Internship at Montefiore Medical Center, Postdoctoral fellowship at NYU School of Medicine 
Hospital Affiliations : Voluntary faculty at Mount Sinai Hospital


Kore Glied, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). In addition, to her work as a psychologist at Crossover Health, Kore is also voluntary faculty at Mount Sinai Hospital where she worked for many years previously.  She also sees clients in her private practice in Manhattan.  


Kore works with a wide range of patients including those struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, sleep, eating, and relationship issues. She has speciality training in the treatment of adults with childhood abuse. She also has experience working with individuals with HIV and other chronic medical illnesses.


Kore was born and raised in New York City.  She lives in Manhattan with her family.  She received her undergraduate degree from Carleton College in Minnesota and her Doctorate in Psychology from Rutgers, University in New Jersey. She completed a Predoctoral Internship at Montefiore Medical Center and a Postdoctoral Fellowship at NYU Medical Center.


In her free time, she likes to swim, bake blondies, and spend time with friends and family.


Justine Vickers, LMT, BCTMB

Massage Therapist

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Certifications: New York State Licensed Massage Therapist; Board Certified (National Certification Board in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork) Certified Reiki Master-Teacher and Practitioner; Certified Animal Reiki Instructor and Practitioner
Education: B.A., Women’s Health and Social Issues; A.A.S. in Therapeutic Massage


Justine is a New York State Licensed and Board Certified Massage Therapist since 2005. She brings an entirely holistic and integrated approach to therapeutic massage, and includes a variety of techniques and modalities, including myofascial and trigger point therapy, sports, deep tissue massage, breathwork, active and passive stretch/ROM in her work with clients and patients.


In addition to her clinical work in, Justine is also a part-time Massage Therapy instructor, as well as a certified Reiki Master-Teacher and Practitioner, Animal Reiki Instructor/Practitioner, and devotes a good portion of her spare time volunteering at various animal sanctuaries and shelters. In addition, she practices yoga/meditation, and enjoys running, hiking, camping, as well as reading, creative writing, knitting and crochet.


Maggie Walsh, Website Photos; 12/02/2014

Maggie Walsh, LMT

Massage Therapist

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Maggie knew she wanted to be a massage therapist since she was about eight years old when she became the in-house massage therapist for her family. As one of seven children, this was quite a task at this young age. She followed that dream and graduated from The Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in 2006. Since then she has worked as a licensed massage therapist alongside physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and personal trainers, allowing her to expand her knowledge of the human body and treatment options.


She is certified in Pre- and Post- natal massage and has experience working with a variety of athletes, individuals with frequent migraines, TMJ Syndrome, fibromyalgia, hip and knee replacements and cancer. She has recently added Craniosacral Therapy to her massage modalities and is greatly looking forward to bringing her years of experience to Crossover Health,


Outside of massaging, Maggie practices and teaches yoga and self-care classes and tries to get out of the city monthly for long hikes. She is committed to continuing to learn new ways of moving regularly and is currently working on juggling and braiding. She is a firm believer in living a minimalist lifestyle in order to incorporate more movement into your daily life.


Rupal Kakkad, OD


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Certifications: Doctor of Optometry

Education: University of California, Davis, B.S, State University of New York, College of Optometry, OD 

Rupal Kakkad, OD, is a New York State licensed optometrist who practices to the fullest extent of her scope. Though originally from California where she received her bachelor of science from the University of California, Davis, she has since moved to the East Coast where she earned her Doctor of Optometry degree from SUNY College of Optometry right here in New York City. During her years at SUNY Optometry, she was a recipient of the Graduate Diversity Fellowship and had the opportunity to work at Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn as well as the Optometry Clinic at West Point Academy. As an optometrist, Rupal is dedicated to ensure her patients receive the best care and always feel comfortable engaging in an open dialogue.

Having lived in 3 different states prior, Rupal has now lived in New York City for the past 6 years where she enjoys trying new restaurants and cuisines or a walk on the High Line. She enjoys reading many different genres specifically suspense/thriller though she is branching out into more non-fiction. Rupal and her husband are avid travelers having visited 24 states, 13 countries and counting! She documents her experiences on her blog. Every once in a while, she indulges in a good Islay single malt scotch.


Anastasia Alvarez

Marketing Specialist

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Anastasia has a gift for relationship building which she has honed in a variety of clinical settings over her working experience. In her role as host, Anastasia is the first person to greet you and help you feel welcome as you begin the care experience. She also helps with any patient service issues, including coordinate appropriate follow up. She was fortunate to work and gain experience while in various medical clinics ranging from a surgery office to a physical therapy clinic. Anastasia is a San Francisco native and a graduate of St. Mary’s College of California.

Anastasia loves San Francisco and continues to enjoy exploring and finding hidden gems the the city has to offer. She has a goal to visit every stadium in the NFL and MLB. She has a passion for sports, including both the Giants and 49ers. She previously served as a 49ers Fan ambassador where she provided game day customer service for 5 seasons. When not working she enjoys traveling and hanging with friends and family.

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