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It’s time to skip crowded facilities and costly gym membership fees. With Crossover, you get safe and convenient online access to fitness assessments, group classes and personal training sessions—a better way to strengthen your body and meet your fitness goals.
  • Free online assessments. Our online Fitness Assessment helps us understand your exercise history, current abilities, and future goals– the best way to customize a plan just for you.
  • Live and on-demand group classes.Join our certified fitness coaches live for virtual resistance training, interval training and yoga sessions for every skill level.
  • Personal training.Team up with a certified Crossover fitness coach for one-to-one guidance and support—a qualified fitness partner that will keep you on track.

As a Crossover member, you’ll be part of complete program of healthcare services customized for your individual needs—all provided by a qualified in-house team of physicians and expert caregivers.