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“Very modern, sleek, innovative, conveniently located, and offers a wide range of services in one building.”

“Great facility, very convenient to my work place. It is run very efficiently and professionally.”

“LOVED IT! It is welcoming and zen like. All the people there are inviting and kind and have my health in mind.”

Healthcare you’ll love

Our members really like us. And that’s something you don’t hear in healthcare much. We think the reason for it has a lot to do with how we provide the care you need, and why we do it. Our approach to healthcare is based on a concept called the Medical Home. A Medical Home is not a house with lots of health devices. Instead it’s a philosophy of primary care (the care you get outside of a hospital) that is coordinated, team-based and designed to meet you where you are.


It’s designed to be #allaboutyou.

Healthcare you need

A big part of our Medical Home approach is the range of services we provide. Doctors, nurses, physio and chiro experts, dietitians, even eye care. But it’s not just that we provide all these services that makes it a Medical Home. It’s how we all work together as a team to provide the right solution for your health and wellness.

Inside your Medical Home

Coordinated Care
Inside and outside our Practice, your care is coordinated between our team members as well as the specialists we curate for you outside. It’s all easy. It all just happens.


Accessible Care
Our prescription for the medical home includes a big dose of technology for you, from being able to schedule online and chatting with your provider to your health dashboard on your own app. Like everything else you do today, you’re connected – to us and to your health.


Customized Care
We approach you and your care as a relationship, not an event. We get to know you and it helps us help you to stay well, not just address any health problems that might arise.

You Belong

When you activate your account, you’re not a patient. You’re a member. It’s our way of telling you that you belong to something special and that you really are at the center of what we do. You’re why we’re here. That’s what #allaboutyou really means.


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