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Real people make real doctors.

Practicing medicine differently

Really effective healthcare takes time, personal knowledge and a range of skills, looking not only at helping fix a complaint you might have, but also helping you stay well. It’s the ability and passion to practice in a more personal and engaged way that we look for in our doctors. What you’ll see and experience are real people who happen to be doctors. We thought you’d like to learn a bit more about them here.

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Meet Our Doctors


Leena Badhwar, MD

Leena is Board certified in Internal Medicine and her primary goal has always been to establish strong rapport with her patients. She was born and raised in New Delhi, India and has always had a passion for science.


The best doctors are the ones who have devoted their lives for the moment when you walk into an examination room. It takes a lifetime to get these providers prepared – prepared the way doctor Leena Badwhar is to serve you.


In her free time, Leena enjoys hiking, reading, traveling and spending time with her two children and dog.


Akbar Zikria, DO

Akbar is a board certified family physician dedicated to helping his patient’s achieve the highest level of satisfaction with their health. He is very culturally driven. He also finds having insight into a patient’s culture will ultimately help lead to clinical decision making that is most appropriate for that particular patient.


If you were to ask around within the medical community, you’d find a long list of peers that would refer to doctor Zikria as a tireless fighter – a fighter who sees a need and doesn’t rest until it’s fulfilled. That’s who doctor Akbar Zikria is. And that’s why we’re so happy he brings his medical training and his tireless advocacy skills with him each day to Crossover Health Medical Group.


Saba Haq, MD

Healthcare has been in Saba’s blood since her youth. Her parents’ involvement in the oil industry took her around the world for the first 13 years of her life where she saw the global need for quality healthcare. Upon returning to California, she began her career journey to become the first physician in her family.


For Dr Haq, listening comes easily. It’s who she Is. And that means you can expect your experience with her to be as lively as it will be informative. This is our way, because we believe treating people is really the business of understanding.


Elise Torres, MD

Elise is a board certified family physician who believes in empowering patients by providing them with the information they need to make healthy decisions. She is especially interested in caring for patients within the context of their individual and family lives.


When you consider your physician, it’s pretty clear you want someone who understands you. That’s where doctor Elise Torres comes in. You see for her, understanding just happens to be something she’s spent a lifetime developing.


In her free time, Dr. Torres likes to bake and to explore the parks of the Bay Area with her husband, two children and her dog.


Treadmills are for exercise

Often, being a patient feels like being on a treadmill. Get in. Get diagnosed. Get out. It’s impersonal and focused on an issue, not on you as a person. It’s certainly not how we think healthcare should be.


A lot of doctors feel the same way. At our Practice, we’ve given our doctors the chance to get off the treadmill and provide care in a more meaningful way – looking at the whole person, being a partner and helping people stay well. You feel like a real person, not a number, and interestingly, so do our doctors.


Come in and #meetourdocs. See what care can be like when you and your doctor actually have the time to get to know each other.

Primary Health

There’s more to our approach as well. Our Practices are physician-led, which means that the decisions we make with you about your care and your health are seen through the filter of evidence-based medicine and the oversight of your doctor. But our centers are also integrated health and wellness destinations, where you can easily take advantage of numerous related specialties like acupuncture, health coaching, and behavioral health, sometimes at the same time. Our doctors love this team-based approach because their relationship with ancillary providers has evolved from a referral slip to a full-on working relationship.


It’s way more than Primary Care. It’s Primary Health.

Healthcare designed around you.

Your employer wants to make it simpler to get and stay healthy. That’s why we’re working with your company to provide our awesome health care option, close by.


What makes it awesome? Same-day doctor appointments. Online scheduling. Extremely competitive pricing. Multiple specialties all under one roof. Check-ups, urgent care and much more. And we wrap it in a remarkable experience that makes you feel like you belong to something magic. Even if you have your own doctor, you’ll be delighted with the range of services and healthcare professionals we have to help you.

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