Mindful Eating Program

A nine-month, clinician-designed, tech-driven program, where curated resources are utilized to help you adhere to the basic principles of mindful eating.

Mindful Eating Program

The Mindful Eating Program is a nine-month, clinician-designed, tech-driven program, where curated resources are utilized to help you adhere to the basic principles of mindful eating. There is no cost for you to participate. Crossover has partnered with Klue to bring you an innovative health technology that pairs with your own Apple Watch (Series 2 or later) and iPhone.

“Mindful eating is the practice of cultivating an open-minded awareness of how the food we choose to eat affects one’s body, feelings, mind, and all that is around us. The practice enhances our understanding of what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat, and why we eat what we eat. When eating mindfully, we are fully present and savor every bite–engaging all our senses to truly appreciate the food.” –Dr. Lillian Cheung, Harvard School of Public Health

Program Outcomes | What you can expect

A better sense of how foods affect your energy, mood, and wellbeing.
A more enjoyable relationship with food.
A sustainable eating practice that can serve you in any environment
The quality and quantity of foods you eat.


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The Klue application

his new technology will provide personalized, actionable, real-time micro-nudges to follow specific eating behaviors, like eating more slowly or avoiding late-night snacking. Additionally, with the app’s Hydration Coach, users can set their own daily hydration goals, and automatically track progress. It teaches users throughout the day to stay adequately hydrated.

Crossover Health Coach

dedicated Crossover Health Coach will measure progress and guide nutritional choices, strategize how to pay attention to hunger and fullness, and discuss factors that may affect your personal eating habits (i.e. stress, lifestyle, sleep). Coaching appointments are optional, you may schedule if/as needed.

Video and webinar support

ideo and webinar support will reinforce behavior modification and provides the opportunity to attend live sessions within our Mindful Eating community of participants.

Your Team

Health Coaches
Danielle Heuseveldt, RD NBC-HWC
Registered Dietitian
Brittany Murray
Health Coach
Maxine Yeung, MS, RD, CPT
Health Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Long is the Program
    While the program is considered 40 weeks (~nine months) in total, the majority of the program’s educational and engagement components occur in the first 12 weeks. These initial 12 weeks are considered the most critical as this is where the majority of new behaviors are learned. After this initial 12 week period is over, your Klue access will expire; however, you will continue to practice the principles of mindful eating you have learned. The program offers two refresher Klue activation periods to reinforce the positive eating behavior changes learned in the first three months. These options are to activate Klue again for two four-week refresher sessions beginning at weeks 24 and week 36. With the intensive start and two refresher sessions, you can expect the support you need to adhere to the program and achieve positive results.
  • Are there any requirements to participate in the Mindful Eating Program?
    Aside from a genuine willingness to modify your eating behaviors, participation in this program requires you to view our introductory program webinar prior to receiving your Klue installation code. This webinar will include additional information on the Klue technology as well as some basic principles of mindful eating. Viewing this webinar will ensure that you are getting the most out of the program as well as the Klue technology! Additionally, the Klue app may ask you certain questions regarding your eating and drinking habits. These questions will be used to better understand how this technology can best support an individual’s health goals.
  • Who is the program for?
    This program is for Crossover members that are (1) interested in eating more mindfully and (2) who currently own an Apple Watch. This program is not designed for people who are pregnant or are looking for a quick weight-loss fix.
  • How much does it cost?
    There is NO COST for you to participate in this program.
  • What is KLUE and how does it work?
    Klue is the world’s first operating system for behavioral change. Klue, Inc. has developed a hand gesture recognition technology that automatically deduces when and how you are consuming based on your hand movements. This technology, which is paired with an Apple Watch (Series 2 or later) and has a companion iPhone app, includes a digital mindful eating and hydration coach. This “digital coach” uses personalized and in-the-moment guidance to support you on your way to healthier dietary habits. Crossover Health is excited to offer this unique technology to its members. http://www.goklue.com/