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For the safety of our patients and staff, many of our health services are available via online appointments. Starting June 15, our care team is onsite and able to safely schedule in-person appointments for you, when needed.

Please read the full update below on how you can continue to access the care you need.

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Starting June 15, the care team at your SOMA health center is onsite and is practicing the safest protocols to resume in-person care during the pandemic. For now, please continue to select a virtual appointment type first.

  • Virtual 30-minute primary care visits
  • Virtual 15-minute nurse triage phone visits
  • Virtual behavioral health visits for new and existing patients
  • Virtual physical therapy visits for new and existing patients
  • Virtual health coaching visits for new and existing patients
  • Virtual acupuncture visits for new and existing patients
  • Portal messaging, phone, and video consultations for the above

As a precaution, all health center visitors must wear a face mask, and a temperature check will be conducted upon arrival for all in-person appointments.

To get the care you need, simply message us, call the center, or schedule an appointment through the portal. As always, we are available to assist you with a phone consultation, free of charge, in order to guide you to your best care options.

The Lyft rideshare program will remain suspended to protect your health.

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Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm


Soma Clinicians and Staff

When you start down the path to health and wellness, it’s great to know your team will be with you all the way providing expert knowledge, timely motivation, and even a little inspiration. We share a passionate belief in the power of relationships and look forward to meeting you!
Calvin Ly, DO, MBA
Physician Lead
Tara Kantharaj, MD
Yelena Gambarin, MD
Becky Schmitz, MD
Antoinette Shih, RN
Practice Lead
Lauren Ceritano, RN
Registered Nurse
Neelam Patel, RN
Registered Nurse
Jenna Friel, DPT
Physical Therapist
Heather Barnes, DPT
Physical Therapist
Brenda Hatley, LAc
Julie Baumhofer, LAc
DJ Drosman, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist
Jeanne Caruso, JD, LMFT
Behavioral Health Therapist
Julia Tisdale, LMFT
Behavioral Health Therapist
Nicholas Cardé, Psy.D
Clinical Psychologist
Brad Metzler, DC
Olivia Chu, DC
Edward Vaquerano-Flores
Lead Host

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