San Clemente Art

The theme for our first New York City location is based on iconic Central Park monuments located in the heart of Midtown. This impressive park, set on 778 acres in one of the busiest cities in the world, has over 40 million visitors annually. And while it may seem massive to the casual onlooker who stands at one of the many entrances to the park, it’s always the little things found in this great landscape that create joy and memories.


We are delighted our Midtown location serves as a reminder that it is the small details that make a monumental difference in how you experience your health.

A Closer Look

Brian Bent

Entry Murals

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Consummate longboard surfer, designer, and pastor for the Hot Rod Church for Sinners, Brian Bent is a legendary fixture in the South Orange County surf and art communities. From his start as a designer at Becker Surf, to his current status as a sought-after painter, Brian has been commissioned by a variety of celebrities and legendary sports figures. Today, Brian focuses on his work for Stance, as well as designing for his own label, Fast Surfboards.

Michael Ong

Inevitable Graffiti Wall

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Up-and-coming muralist, Michael Ong is making his mark. Thanks to a slew of high-profile commissions, his presence continues to increase in the SoCal graphic arts scene. Michael has become an artist of choice for vibrant, oversized paintings that span a variety of themes and topics. Most recently, Michael was amongst the artists chosen to create and display original works at the Coachella music festival.

Greg Marano

Feature Wall

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Armed with a truckload of electric saws, nail guns, and all the ambition needed to beautify his corner of the planet, Greg Marano is a man on a mission. Greg is entirely dedicated to his craft, and his mission might surprise you: happiness. Call it altruistic if you wish, but spend just a few minutes with Greg and you’ll be swept up by his enthusiasm for making everything he touches – his work and his relationships – that much better.

Art Hansen

Hoop City

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When you meet Art Hansen, hear his hearty laugh, and see his easy smile, you’d never know that this purveyor of recrafted arts was once sought out as a dynamic corporate sales executive. Art Hansen’s love of the uncommon and yet-to-be-created stole him away from the business world, and, thankfully for us, dropped him into the world of wildly unique, stunningly beautiful, handcrafted furnishings.

Marianne Bates

Chalk Art

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Introducing Marianne Bates: Visionary. Mother. Big thinker. And, even bigger doer. Trained as an industrial designer, Marianne found her interests shifting away from designing utilitarian products that sit on the shelves at Target, and towards creating stunning, unique graphics.Upon this career-shifting discovery, Marianne has created a niche following of some of the most high end chalk art you will ever see. The spectacular piece she created for Crossover Health was done completely free hand and every font was produced at craftsman quality from memory.

Matt Parker

Surfer’s Row

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At the precise intersection of exceptional style and innovative design, lives the functional art of noted surfboard shaper, Matt Parker. Raised near (and in) the home waters in San Clemente, and trained as a traditional graphic designer, Matt soon saw a need within the coastal community for surfboards that were both expertly crafted and exquisitely beautiful. We are grateful that seven of Matt’s remarkable creations display their good looks on our wall, instead of carving up the famous breaks at Trestles.