Cloe Zheng


Cloe is a healthcare enthusiast with a strong passion for science and medicine. Her goals are to promote community wellness, individual mental wellness, and preventative health. She is equally devoted to her career and academic ambitions—her next challenge will be to pursue a Physician Assistant Master’s degree.

Cloe graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Jose State University with a major in Health Science and a minor in Chemistry. During college, she was active in the community, organizing outreach events as a teacher’s assistant and as the President of SJSU’s Health Science Honor Society.

When Cloe was just three years old, her family relocated to Belize, a small country in Central America that borders the Caribbean on its east side. She spent 14 years there before moving to California to pursue a higher education. Cloe has spent much of her life enjoying the outdoors and considers herself a sunshine girl. Outside of work, she enjoys reading, studying, shopping, and traveling. Cloe looks forward to the day she becomes a dog-mom and hopes to one day travel the world with her beloved.