Lauren Ceritano, RN

Registered Nurse

Lauren is a Registered Nurse with more than twenty years of experience in multiple specialties. Always working towards a more holistic approach in medicine, she is extremely affable and compassionate, having worked with a diverse population of patients from hospitals and ambulatory care to prison.

She graduated with honors from Hahnemann/Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her background is extensive, including Medical/Surgical Bedside Nursing, Recovery Room, Reproductive Endocrinology, GYN/IVF and Infertility at the University of Pennsylvania, as well as Emergency Care/Infection Control/Psychiatry in state and county correctional facilities. 

Although she was born and raised on the East Coast, she has always been drawn to Northern California and recently relocated to San Francisco. In her spare time, she is passionate about her yoga practice, exploring the Bay Area, hiking, traveling, seeing live music, and spending quality time with her friends and her daughter.