Paul Estioko

Referral Coordinator

Paul’s personal goal: to make at least one person smile a day. Amiable and adventurous, he finds joy in meeting new people, delving into new experiences and places, and working to find comfort during uncomfortable situations. Ever since Paul was old enough to work, he began learning and fostering invaluable skills from his roles within varied industries—education, restaurants, fine arts, and rehabilitation, to name a few.

Paul was born in the Philippines (the youngest of six children) and immigrated to the United States in 1997. He attended college at San Jose State University where he graduated Cum Laude, receiving his Bachelor’s of Science in Health Science, with a minor in Kinesiology.

Outside of the clinic, he is also a “triple threat.” Paul is a professional performer who sings, acts, and dances for theatre, film, and private events around the Bay Area and abroad. Paul is also a Hula/Tahitian dancer, loves comic books, and believes stickers are too much commitment.