Seline Ortuzar


Seline is patient, positive, and always looks forward to helping people. Her goal is to help others find their motivation through physical activity. Seline’s passion for health and wellness developed as she trained herself for four national figure/bodybuilding competitions (she won first place in her class and overall!). She became mentally and physically stronger, and more connected to her body wisdom as she experienced her own body’s ability to change exponentially. 

Seline graduated college in just three years, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management—Health Services Administration. During college, she also attended a four-month vocational school program, through which she became a certified personal trainer.

She feels profoundly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on a medical mission in Jamaica, where she talked with nurses about mental health and the importance of proper healthcare training. Some of Seline’s most memorable moments were during the work she did for people with special needs including those with disabilities, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy. There was no WiFi or hot water, just the people, the love, and the culture, and it was an unforgettable experience. Seline plans to continue to use her passion and tenacity to help others, as well as a directive for her own career and life.