Somerlyn Wood, RN

Registered Nurse

Somerlyn’s journey as a nurse has included a wide range of opportunities and experiences in both traditional and non-traditional settings, all of which have helped to shape her global perspective of healthcare. From working autonomously in pediatric home healthcare, to collaborating with diverse medical teams internationally, and most recently coordinating research studies at Stanford, Somerlyn has developed a passion for preventative healthcare and patient education. Her heart for service and zest for adventure has led her to many different countries including Kenya, Germany, and Mexico, where she was able to work, serve, and educate those with little to no access to quality healthcare.

Somerlyn has a Bachelors in Nursing from Azusa Pacific University. When she isn’t in scrubs, she enjoys cooking, good books, running, the ocean, and traveling with her husband to the far corners of the globe. She is creative, driven, and passionate about health. She believes that wellness is key and that with the right care and education, we can inspire people to identify and pursue their own health goals.