Vanessa Nordin, DC


Dr. Vanessa believes that a combination of evaluation and correction of each individual’s movement patterns, posture, and nutrition will greatly enhance the positive results of her work as a chiropractor. She takes a personal investment in your health when you work with her, and she continuously drives to stay current with techniques and research. Dr. Vanessa is excited to bring her five years of private practice expertise to Crossover.

As a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP) and CrossFit Level 1 Coach, she has had opportunities to treat athletes ranging from Olympic level weightlifters and volleyball players to avid CrossFit participants. She herself has a passion for athletics and has played competitive soccer, softball, volleyball, track, crew, and rugby. She also has a passion for women’s health during pregnancy and postpartum, and enjoys working with women to help ensure a healthy pregnancy, birth, and return to physical activity.

On her time off, you can find her in a CrossFit gym, playing outdoor soccer, snowboarding, or hiking the South Bay hills. She loves to stay active, but always finds time to enjoy her family and friends.