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Press Pause

Press Pause breaks are 5-15 minute interactive sessions with meditation, breathing, and stretching exercises, made for all, no matter your experience level. In these videos, you’ll be guided by one of Crossover’s qualified Care team members through a series of different stretches, breathing techniques, and guided meditations designed to have you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Guided Meditation

Press pause, and take a moment for yourself and your health with a quick guided meditation that will relax your mind and help you reset.

Deep Breathing

Press pause, take a deep breath, and then take another, and another in this deep breathing exercise that’s designed to put you in your happy place.

Low Back

Press pause, and stretch your way to a tension-free lower back.

Lower Body Stretching

Press pause, and take a little calming lower body stretch break for yourself and for your health.

Neck and Upper Body

Press pause, and get your body movin’ with our tension-relieving neck and upper body stretching exercise.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Press pause, and soothe yourself with this deep relaxation exercise used to control stress, relieve insomnia, and reduce symptoms of certain types of chronic pain.