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physical medicine and rehabilitation

Physical Medicine Keeps You Moving, Pain-Free

You can control pain from chronic conditions, surgeries, and injuries—not the other way around.

Choose physical medicine at Crossover!

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Crossover

Pain is your body’s way of telling you something is wrong. We’re listening and you should be, too. Your primary healthcare team includes a certified physical therapist to support your bone, joint, and tissue health. Whether it’s a pain in the neck, a sore back, stiff joints, or a sports injury, they are ready to help you heal. They work closely with Crossover chiropractors and fitness coaches to diagnose and treat MSK conditions, reduce pain, and improve your functioning.

Meet Some of Our Physical Medicine Experts

Working with my Crossover PT was a breakthrough.
His recommendations and encouragement made
all the difference in treating my chronic back pain.”

— Crossover Member, San Jose