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A New Model of Care

Apple, Facebook’s Primary Care Provider Acquires Sherpaa: 4 Lessons For Health Systems.

Crossover Growth Story

A red-hot healthcare startup that got a boost when Apple took a chance on it is ramping up big time.

Seamless Virtual and Digital Care

It was inevitable that Sherpaa and Crossover would merge. It was just a matter of patience.  

Peer-Reviewed Research

Crossover integrated physical medicine improves quality of care at reduced cost.

San Francisco Business Times

This S.F. healthcare startup says it saves Linkedin, Square and Visa an average of 20 percent on health care costs Bay Area companies are groaning under the ever-increasing costs of providing health care to employees. Enter San Francisco-based Crossover Health, a little-known startup that is hooking some of the Bay Area’s largest companies — such...
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Managed Care

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