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Every Day is Nurses Day at Crossover Health

By Sally Larwood, RN

While I’m never one to purposely go against the grain, in honor of National Nurses Week, I’m more than happy to do it.

Why? Because in this instance, going against the grain means staying positive despite the fact that nursing has become an industry where it seems weekly – if not daily – we’re staring down unsettling statistics and stories about burnout, staffing shortages and worse. Just this past week I read that 32% of registered nurses are considering leaving their role. 

Yes, these past two years have certainly been stacked against us in some regards, with mounting asks, growing pressures and unexpected circumstances. But I’d also unequivocally tell you that through the advancements, and even the setbacks, one thing has remained steadfast – the passion and determination of our Crossover Health nurses to deliver health as it should be.

In particular, our nurses have rallied and focussed on two guiding principles: 1. Put the member at the center; and 2. Do the right thing.

Every chance I get – in our morning huddle, at our leadership summit, in 1:1 meetings – I encourage our nurses to keep these mantras front and center. Decision making and prioritization suddenly becomes easier – and your day more fulfilling – when you are empowered to focus on the member and do what is best for them.

Our members see the best of our nurses everyday. They are flexible and resilient. They jump between in-person and virtual care settings to meet the member where they are. Some days nursing at Crossover means helping a father of four find a dentist for his children. Other days it means helping find community resources for families that may be struggling. 

Our nurses are the glue. They hold us all together. I’ve spent more than three decades of my career working in an array of roles in the nursing field, and this is by far the best team of talented and inspired nurses I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. At Crossover, we’re proud to go against the grain and celebrate the fact that, here, everyday is Nurses Day. 


About the Author

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As Chief Nursing Officer of Crossover Health, Sally Larwood, RN, has established her leadership within the Medical Group through the design and implementation of Crossover’s interdisciplinary care teams and the successful delivery of the Advanced Primary Health model to members. Her diverse clinical skill set has been developed and complemented over the years by her compassionate work serving patients in community clinics, hospice and home care agencies.