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Clinical Corner

Savor the Season with Self-Care

How to stay healthy through the holidays and New Year.

With all of the year-end hustle and bustle, it’s essential to prioritize your physical and mental wellbeing. The intentions you set now will support your health journey through the entire year, and Crossover is here every step of the way.

To add yourself to your gift list, start by learning about becoming your healthiest self. Our team of dedicated clinicians share tips for prioritizing your health and wellbeing this holiday season and beyond.

Primary Care Tip: Vaccinations 

We’re always looking for the latest and greatest gifts. But vaccines, one of the greatest public health achievements, are nothing new. We’ve been using them since 1796 to reduce the burden of contagious diseases. Before the start of the holiday season, we are gifted with new vaccines to help protect us and our loved ones from the latest strains of viruses. Because our vaccine protection decreases over time, we recommend getting updated vaccines for the strongest immunity against the latest flu and COVID-19 strains. 

After vaccination, you may feel a bit worn out–that’s just your immune system working overtime. So, make sure you schedule in some self-care time to get your vaccines, then rest and recover for a healthy New Year!

Crossover members can receive flu shots and updated 2023-2024 Moderna COVID booster shots at Crossover health centers. Schedule an appointment today.

Mental Health Tip: Boundary Setting

The demands of life and relationships can sometimes be taxing—especially if you’re the type of person who has trouble saying “no.” That’s why it’s important to set limits or guidelines to protect ourselves and maintain healthy relationships and surroundings. Here are some tips for boundary setting that will support your wellbeing:

  • Recognize that other people’s needs and feelings are not more important than your own.
  • Learn to say “no” when saying “yes” might use up resources like the time, energy, money, property, and self-integrity you need to care for yourself.
  • Identify the actions and behaviors that you find unacceptable in others, then ask for change or distance from the behavior.
  • Trust and believe in yourself, maintaining your own values, opinions, and thoughts.
  • Spend time developing/maintaining your own identity and interests.

Learn more about boundary setting in this video:

Our licensed mental health professionals are qualified to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions and disorders that include everything from anxiety and depression to addiction and sleep issues. They can also help with stress management and handling life’s daily challenges. Our mental health team is here to support you whenever you’re ready.

Physical Medicine Tip: Stretching

Flexibility allows for greater freedom of physical movement, and can reduce risk of injury. Stretching also reduces muscle tension, relaxing the body and mind for optimal wellbeing. 

Today, try the “World’s Greatest Stretch,” which targets multiple body parts at once. This serves as a great mobility stretch to do before workouts, or after a long day of traveling.

Whether you’re experiencing pain in the neck, a sore back, stiff joints, or a sports injury, Crossover is here to help you heal. Our physical therapists, chiropractors, and fitness coaches work closely together to diagnose and treat MSK conditions, reduce pain, and improve your functioning.

Fitness Tip: Consistency

Keeping a consistent workout schedule during the holiday season can be tough. Try these tips from our fitness coaches to help you stick to a fitness routine:

  • Make time for movement by scheduling it in your calendar (just as you would a doctor’s visit or work meeting), instead of trying to find time for movement.
  • Have a fitness coach or someone else you trust check in with you weekly–or as often as you need–to make sure you’re sticking to your plan.
  • Habit-stack your workouts. (For example, every morning right after I brush my teeth, I take a 20-minute walk; or before I eat lunch every day, I do my squats and planks.) Choose a habit that you already do consistently and add your chosen workout to that habit.
  • Finally, be kind to yourself! Focus on enjoying time and making memories with your family and friends. Let yourself embrace the holidays, and don’t feel bad if you miss a workout (or a few!). Sometimes we can’t fit in everything we set out to do, and that’s okay! Get back to it when you can.

Team up with a Crossover fitness coach for one-to-one expert guidance and accountability so you can execute your fitness plan and get results.

Health Coaching Tip: Mindful Eating

Mindful eating can contribute to wellbeing, as it supports making food choices that enhance the eating experience. The table below explains the main principles of mindful eating. Pick a principle you’d like to try and give it a shot at your next meal. Remember, you don’t have to do all of these at once, or at every meal. Start small and feel the effect the effort has on your eating enjoyment.

Principle Practice Tip
Raise Awareness Before eating, check in with yourself. How hungry are you? Are you thirsty? What are you feeling–physically, emotionally? When you eat, use a plate so you can see what and how much you’re serving yourself. This is all about awareness, not judgment, so there is no good or bad, right or wrong.
Reduce Distractions Try turning off all screens, putting away all work and reading, and sitting at a table or counter. Observe what this experience is like for you. While this won’t be possible at holiday meals or gatherings, find places where you can minimize distractions.
Look at What You’re Eating Does the portion you’re taking match your hunger? Are you eating a variety of foods? If you find yourself repeatedly taking more than you are hungry for, try using a smaller plate or bowl to experiment with portions that leave you satisfied and not stuffed.
Eat More Slowly Try to spend 20-30 minutes eating each meal. Sound easier said than done? Consider putting your fork down between each bite. Take a sip of water between bites. And chew your food thoroughly.
Enjoy Your Meal Make the environment pleasant and use your senses to enjoy the meal. Look at your food, smell it, and notice how it tastes. Get curious about the tastes and textures you enjoy and even the ones you don’t.

Mindful eating requires intention and follow-through, and you have our support. Partner with a Crossover health coach who will chart a clear course to follow in reaching your desired healthy destination.

With these strategies from your Crossover care team, you are primed to finish the year strong. Begin by making a personal plan and then carry out your routine with our support. You deserve to be your healthiest self–the best gift of all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for staying consistent with a workout routine during the holidays?

Schedule workouts in your calendar like appointments, enlist an accountability partner, and habit-stack workouts with existing routines. Be kind to yourself if you miss some workouts too.

How can I practice mindful eating during the holiday season?

Try raising awareness of hunger cues, reducing distractions, looking at portion sizes, eating slowly, and savoring flavors and textures. Pick one principle to start with.

What are some examples of healthy boundaries to set during the holiday season?

Say no to overcommitting, limit time with difficult people, protect your values and opinions, and make time for your own interests.

How can stretching and mobility exercises help during the busy holiday season?

Stretching reduces muscle tension, improves flexibility, and allows for freer movement. It can relax the body and mind.

What services does Crossover offer to support mental health and stress management?

Licensed mental health professionals can diagnose and treat conditions like anxiety, depression, addiction and provide therapy.

How can a Crossover fitness coach help me stay accountable to my fitness goals?

A coach provides expert guidance, customized workout plans, weekly check-ins, and accountability to help you execute your plan.