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Apple Wellness Centers OHCAs

The following entities and individuals listed below are part of the organized healthcare arrangement (“OHCA”).

California (Elk Grove)

Acupuncture Relief CA

Backs in Motion Chirospa

ComPsych (EAP)

Crossover Health Medical Group, APC

IggyOne Therapy

Kaiser Permanente

Patient Dental

Quinn Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Rosebrook Acupuncture, Gregory Rosebrook (Acupuncture)

Suzy Abboud (Massage Therapy)

Texas (Austin)

Allison Palomaki (Acupuncture)

Angelica Gonzalez (Acupuncture)

Anne Croissant, RMT (Massage Therapy)

Austin Sports Therapy

Avery Ranch Dental

ComPsych (EAP)

Crossover Health Medical Group, APC

Daniel Peterson, Massage Therapist

Laura Aoki (Acupuncture)

Matt Major (Massage Therapy)

People’s Pharmacy

Rebecca Rowbatham (Acupuncture)

Stephanie Samuels, RMT (Massage Therapy)

Texas PT Specialists

VSP Retail