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Let us partner with you on your journey to better mental health

At Crossover, we do more than provide our members with personalized care from an interdisciplinary care team. We also empower you to sustain good health by offering practical tools and skills that educate and motivate. From clearing up myths about mental health to the best tips and tricks for navigating your life and relationships, check this page often for useful content written by our dedicated mental health providers, just for you.

Asking for Help is Weak

Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is important to seek help when needed. Asking for help can be a sign of...

I Will Be Forced to Take Medication

Mental health treatment can include medication, talk therapy, and mindfulness techniques. Seeking treatment leads to ...

Therapy Will Make All Of My Bad Feelings Go Away for Good

Virtual therapy involves talking about present issues, not just childhood, and can be done from your own couch. Seek ...

Therapy Is For “Crazy” People

Therapy is for everyone, and dismissive terms like "crazy" doesn't help anyone. Life is messy and complicated, ther...

I’m Going to Lay on a Couch and Talk About My Childhood

Virtual therapy involves talking about present issues, not just childhood trauma, and can be done from the comfort of...

A Therapist Can’t Tell Me Anything I Don’t Already Know

Therapy can help you see what you're missing and give you tools to move forward.

If you feel like you’re suffering from stress or anxiety—or both—Crossover can help. Schedule a behavioral health screening today.