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Pioneering Advanced Primary Care in North Dakota

HealthyDakota Mutual Holdings announced today plans to launch a new Advanced Primary Care clinic network called VitellaCare℠ managed by Crossover Health.

This is big news!

It’s a big opportunity for North Dakota to have another path to care and health. As HealthyDakota has pointed out, some people in the state have trouble accessing timely Primary Care and are missing out on critical opportunities to improve their health. Their President and CEO Dan Conrad noted, “…missed prevention opportunities are a primary driver in healthcare costs because they can lead to costly complex conditions and interventions.” HealthyDakota sees the investment in Primary Care as having a direct and deep impact on cost, quality, and experience.

It’s also big news for HealthyDakota to make such a deep commitment to Advanced Primary Care as a strategy to help them more effectively meet the needs of the market with this innovative new offering. They see Crossover’s care platform as the way to address the challenges of access to preventive services, to creating relationship-based Primary Care and ensuring a coordinated and accountable service that will lower costs, deliver high quality care and provide an exceptional experience. In our conversations with HealthyDakota, we have appreciated their focus on building a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We will provide services including Primary Care, Mental Health, and Health Coaching, as well as Care Navigation to provide support and referral management. VitellaCare will ensure access to these services in-person, online, and anytime.

Finally, this is obviously big news for Crossover. We’re excited to be able to work with a healthcare leader who sees the value in Advanced Primary Care, is willing to make the foundational investments to create sustainable business models that support innovative primary care models, and to use their resources and reputation to ensure an entire state can get access to this service.

HealthyDakota’s commitment to VitellaCare managed by Crossover is a remarkable and necessary first step to pioneer Advanced Primary Care in North Dakota and beyond. Can’t wait to share more about this project in the near future!