Next-generation workplace health

Crossover Health is a medical group that delivers comprehensive Primary Health services to self-funded employers by managing both worksite and nearsite centers for defined populations of employees and dependents.

I Belong

We’re reinventing healthcare to reduce costs, improve people’s health and wellbeing and introduce a truly proactive and engaging approach.

One size fits you

While we treat the causes of illness, we primarily focus on the causes of great health.


Through member-based care experiences that inspire, we motivate people to take ownership of their health.


We’re already proving the power of our approach with leading employers that understand the power of a healthy workforce, with exceptional utilization, engagement and cost-savings outcomes.

Membership Focus


Your employees don’t visit us as patients. They join us as members. It’s a whole new level of engagement, motivating people to live the healthiest possible life.

One size fits you


With dedicated onsite and shared resource nearsite models, the Crossover Health experience and results are available to companies of all sizes.

Brand Strategy


Reduction in total healthcare spend
We can demonstrate remarkable utilization, engagement and cost savings outcomes.

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We love to inspire people to take charge of their own health through a truly human approach to care. Find out more about what makes us unique and how we can work together as a force for change in your company.

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